My last name is Wrenn and I have always thought of myself as a little bird. My first email address, before emails had to be professional, was lilwrenn, followed eventually by wrennsong. I’m not particularly little – in fact, at 5’10” I can easily be among the taller people in the room. But I think I have always been aware of being one small part of something big. One person among humanity, one path among many, one voice among millions. This might sound sad, but it doesn’t feel that way to me.

I started this blog because I turned around one day and realized that I had said goodbye to almost every creative thing I did other than cooking. I miss those parts of me. They are significant, and they are dusty and stagnating. Just like it shouldn’t be a big deal to move my body and use my muscles for thirty minutes every day (something I’m also working on), it also should be totally doable and equally essential to move my mind and creative muscles to write a post every couple weeks.

The basics are these: I live in New York City. I am a freelance theatre administrator. I got married September 2018 to a man who I’ve known for a decade and who makes me laugh every day. I like cooking and baking and podcasts and true crime. I love trees. Wine and Chocolate are essential. I go to church, believe, and still think of my faith as a daily exercise in commitment and perseverance. I believe that the root of faith must be love. I’m an introvert who has trained herself to have extroverted traits. I watch a lot. I think a lot. And I’m trying to write more.

Have thoughts? Reactions? Email me. I hope that this part of me connects with some part of you. 11415515_10105231666425429_27059281697035908_o


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